Abstrak 8th Indonesia Foreign Policy ReviewIndonesia Foreign Policy Review (IFPR)
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Greetings, Visionaries!

IR PROJECT UI 2021 are proud to announce the 8th Indonesia Foreign Policy Review (IFPR)!
Our grand theme for this year is How Covid-19 Affects Indonesia’s Foreign Policy Outlook.
With sub-themes; 1) How Covid-19 affects Indonesia’s approach to human security issues, 2) How Covid-19 affects Indonesia’s approach towards global commerce and international finance, 3) How Covid-19 affects transnational activism in Indonesia.

Register yourself now and submit your abstract through bit.ly/PendaftaranIFPR2021 from July 1st until July 17th 2021. Selected abstract will be published on July 28th 2021!

For further details, you may access bit.ly/GuidelineIFPR2021
Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

For further information, follow us on our social media platforms:
Twitter: @irprojectui
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Contact Person:
Yudha (082262269913)


  • Date : 17/07/2021 - 17/07/2021
  • Venue : Online