Beauty In Diversity
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THE WAIT IS OVER !! ICS presents to you ICS Cultural Week 2021: “ Beauty In Diversity ”
The most thrilling event where you can learn interesting insights and cultures about different countries!

2021’s Cultural Week theme “ Beauty In Diversity”, which has a meaning that, diversity is found in beauty because beauty is not limited to one race, one age or one preference. Rather, it surrounds a world of ideals. Each individual has beauty within them, each part of the diverse picture that makes up what beauty is.

ICS Cultural Week 2021 has prepared many exciting activities to enjoy so don’t miss this great opportunity.

Day 1 (Monday, September 27, 2021): Opening + Workshop 1
Day 2 (Tuesday, September 28, 2021): Workshop 2
Day 3 (Wednesday, September 29, 2021): Escape Room
Day 4 (Thursday, September 30, 2021): Costume parade + Closing

Starting from today, our workshops are open for registration! Come register yourself and don’t miss the fun !

So get ready and join us by taking part in our event on September 27 to September 30,2021 !!

  • Date : 30/09/2021
  • Venue : Online